Halloween 101: Mother Feather on BBC

Mother Feather spooky secrets revealed this Sunday on the MASKS AND MAKEUP SPECIAL of the BBC's Radio 1 Rock Show featuring Slipknot Motionless In White Fearless Vampire Killers MODESTEP KISS & Mother Feather.


Click here to tune in: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06kjvvf  

Hint: skim to the top of Hour Two of the show. Ann talks shop on all things make-up, directly following one of my personal heroes, Gene Simmons. 

Stay tuned for the Mother Feather LP on Metal Blade Records .... soon! 

Ciao for now! 


EMastering Software 101: Mother Feather

Just listened to the new masters of the forthcoming Mother Feather album, compliments of the great Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound! 

I'm so happy Ann bought a trampoline and started this band. 

I'm also really happy to say that track number 8, The Power, along with many of the overdubs on this album, was recorded here at Proper Pop, by yours truly. 

Also, here's a link to the Metal Blade press release about us. 


How's that for self promotion? 

Rock on and follow your dreams.


Ornithology 101: The Bird Sessions Vol. II

Check out the new record from the lovely Andy Fitzpatrick. It's called Bird Sessions Vol. II and it's just come out on Rockwood Music Hall Recordings. I'm very happy to have played something called "Upright Bass and Additional Engineering" on these recordings. In support, we've been playing every Monday at 8pm at Rockwood. You should come down ... And check out the video for one of the best songs ever written by a writer of songs. 

We'll be at Rockwood on Monday, February 23rd at 8pm. 

Rock on! 



Frequency Analytics 101: I Suffer Your Ghost

Mixing a new tune, Words, from The Yells. 

Click the picture below to hear some of last years goodies. 

Earlier today we had a Mother Feather jam on some new (s)hits! 

Click the picture below to hear some of last years goodies.

Tomorrow I'll be tracking some guitars for the next release from Soapbox Army.

Click the picture below to hear last years goodies. 

Rock on! 


Journalism 101: Soft News


Recently I had the pleasure of recording something called "Upright Bass" on a few tunes for Erik Laroi's project Soft News, where he reinterprets classic pop hits in a cool sort of indie-bossa-loungey way. The folks at the blog Cover Me voted the latest soft news release "Used Melodies" number 9 on their year end chart for best cover song album! My favorite track from this record is Journey's: Who's Cryin' Now, which you can check out by clicking on the words Who's Cryin' Now from earlier in this grammatically-suspect-run-on sentence. 

If you just love this sort of thing, you'll be happy to know that Erik is hard at work on a follow up, and, since I just recorded them, I am happy to report that I will have a few bass tracks on that record too. Soft News is available from the Mother West label. 

Rock on! 


P.S. Speaking of the news, did you hear the one about the 2 year old that shot his mom in the head on New Years Day? Man, guns sure are cool. They should totally be something that everybody is just carrying around with themselves all of the time. 

Ancient History 101: 2014


In exactly 19 hours and 23 minutes it will be pretty much basically 4 years since I quit smoking. Which, depending on whether or not you still smoke, or are about to start again, or are about to start for the first time, possibly makes me cooler than you.. Not if you're gonna try smoking for the first time, but if you're gonna like, become a smoker. Anyway, that's something I thought of, my not smoking that is, on account of it being New Years Eve. Feels pretty good.

Happy New Year!

Rock on! 


P.S. Recently I was commissioned by a company called Google to write a bunch of instrumental music for a subsidiary of their company called YouTube for something called The YouTube Audio Library and now those songs are part of something called The Public Domain and people are making videos of themselves driving to beach in Albania with my muzak in the background!


Breakfast 101: Condiments

Yesterday the good folks at Pancakes and Whiskey featured "Mustard Car", from The Yells self titled EP, and compared the track to George Dickel No. 1 Whiskey. Or something. Check out the post here: 


In other news... tonight I'll be paying in the fabulous Jeff Litman Band for one of the last shows ever at Spike Hill in Brooklyn. Apparently it got bought by Ken Rockwood? Or something. Anyway , Jeff is great and so are his songs. Here is a link to one of them featuring 8th notes on the root of the chords by yours truly! 


We go on at 8pm. 

Rock on! 


Mourning 101: The Yells

Hey! In case you haven't heard the new Cold War Kids album ... you should! It's pretty awesome. 

Also, in case I forgot to mention it, the new / first EP from The Yells is done and you can listen to it HERE and then tell me how cool you too think it to be able to tag Motley Crue in a self promotional blog post. 

We tracked most of The Yells at the great, newish location of, Strange Weather with the help of Mark Alan Goodman engineering and Ted Comerford (Jonas Sees In Color, Jukebox The Ghost) producing with the band. We tracked most of the vocals and some incidental guitars and keyboards here at Proper Pop. King Of Love and Mustard Car were mixed by the very great Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Ben Folds, Pavement) and The Mourning was mixed by yours truly. Final mastering was done by Dave Collins (Motley Crue, QOTSA. No Doubt).

Here's a picture of the Yells featuring the very handsome John Kengla. 

In other news ... yesterday I turned in mixes for the last couple tunes for the new Pageant record! Probably make some revisions in the next few days. Looking forward to sharing these very very cool songs. 

And in other, other news, today Chris and I are tracking something called ROCK GUITAR for a new Mother Feather song. Stay tuned for fresh meat! 

Rock On. 


Film Studies 101: The Hadza

Today the NY Times published an article about “The Hadza: Last of the First,” a documentary about a people in Tanzania who remind us what a sustainable way of life really looks like and how far away we are.

My friend Charles Newman (Mother West, Magnetic Fields) composed the score for this and I had the pleasure of recording the bass parts here at Proper Pop. Also on the soundtrack is the great Butch Norton (Lucinda WIlliams, The Eels). The movie opens on Friday. 

Read the article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/31/movies/in-the-hadza-tanzanians-live-as-they-did-centuries-ago.html?_r=1

Rock on!


Geography 101: Which State Is Round On The Sides And Hi In The Middle?

Right now I'm listening to the  just completed debut EP from Ohio's own, the always handsome, John Kengla. What???? Yup.

I got to play the root note of various chord changes on this record and I'm damn happy I did, especially since John is one of the better bass players playing music and also because I got to play along with Mark Stepro, Bryn Roberts, Rich Hinman and Rob Heath. We recorded this at the soon to be legendary Room 17 with the indefatigable Joe Rogers, except for a few guitar tracks John and Rich did with me here at Proper Pop. 

Alas, it's not my place to share the actual muzak with you just now, so you'll just have to take my word that it's definitely the best debut EP John has ever made, and also one of the coolest records I've played on. In lieu of said muzak, here is an interesting photo that I found upon performing a google image search of John Kengla:


In other news, I've just sent tracks of two new Mother Feather songs, The Power and Natural Disaster, to the great Steve Wall to be mixed. We did a bunch of tracking on these here at Proper Pop, and the basics we recorded with Steve a week or two ago (who can remember??) at Cove City Sound in Long Island. Stay tuned for a new EP from us pronto! 

Also ... I've just been informed that Bird Sessions Volume II, from the great Andy Fitzpatrick, will be released this winter on Rockwood Music Hall Recordings. I played something called upright bass on this record and I am glad I did! I'm told the first single will be "Maybe" ... which just so happens to be the best song written by anyone I know personally.  


And speaking of upright bass, this fall you can watch me play the upright bass every Sunday alongside Alfonso Velez from 7-10pm at Bell Book and Candle. We play acoustic versions of songs from our new band The Yells (new EP about to be released!!!!) and a mix of other stuff you probably heard in your parents car when you were 11.

Rock on! 




Self Aggrandisement 101: Mirror

In Case you missed it, the good folks at Brooklyn Magazine premiered some new jams from Mother Feather the other day. Check out the post here:


You can listen to it here:


We tracked this tune with the great Steve Wall at The Cove Studios in Long Island and did some overdubs at The Bunker and here at Proper Pop. The great Charlton Pettus mixed this in Los Angeles and the great Greg Calbi mastered here in NYC at Sterling Sounds.  

You can see us play tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory. 


In other news ... I've just handed in the first mix for the forthcoming Pageant EP that we're doing here. Rock on! 


Navigation 101: Maps

Very excited to announce that "Maps", the latest EP from Soapbox Army, was just released. We did drums and bass at Mission Sound with Oliver Strauss, and I recorded, produced and mixed the rest of it here at Proper Pop. Click the here to go to the Soapbox Army blog where Dan talks a bit about the record. 


Check out the very nice review from inner City Geeks:



In other news ... The latest album from Young Oceans just came out. I played bass on this album. It's really beautiful. Not my bass playing per se, but the album. My bass playing is mostly a bunch of 8th notes on the root of various chord changes. Which is of course the best kind of bass playing. Anyway, you should check it out here. It's pretty awesome. 

In other, other, news, the new Jon DeRosa album is done. It's awesome and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to play bass on this. We tracked it all pretty much live at The Bunker with the great Tom Curiano on drums and the great Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields) producing. 

And now I have to go finish setting up to track vocals for the last tune on the forthcoming EP from a certain band called Pageant which you are of course going to love because Emmy Wildwood wrote some of the best songs I've had the pleasure of working on.

Rock. On.

New Release 101: Say Something New

Very excited to announce that the first single, "Say Something New", from the upcoming Soapbox Army was released today via the good people at Vents Magazine!

Check is out here: http://ventsmagazine.com/song-premiere-nycs-soapbox-army-release-new-single-say-something-new/

This was a fun song to bring to life. We recorded bass, drums and the lead vocal live at Mission Sound in Brooklyn and brought those basics here to Proper Pop where I played guitars, percussion and keyboards and the guys laid down the background vocals. With a nod to Christopher Fogel's mix of Jagged Little Pill, I mixed through my TL Audio C-1 and Dual Valve EQ's to bring out the warmth and dynamics in a, hopefully, pleasing way. Evren Goknar expertly mastered this song at Capitol Mastering in Los Angeles. 

Frequency Analytics 101.2: Masterized

Always nice to come home to an email like this from your favorite mastering engineer:


Very cool vibey tracks! Mixes are well-balanced and dynamic! Check 'em out and let me know. Also, reach out to ______ at ________  to give him the $______ credit card payment.



Stay tuned for the new Soapbox Army E.P. ....


Acrobatics 101.1: Tightrope

Really excited to hear that Kris Gruen has released a couple new songs in the last week. You can / should check them out here: 


Mason Ingram and I tracked drums and bass, respectively, for the song Tightrope here at Proper Pop. It was produced by Charles Newman and Justin Gray (who co-wrote and mixed the song in some place called Los Angeles).