Ancient History 101: 2014


In exactly 19 hours and 23 minutes it will be pretty much basically 4 years since I quit smoking. Which, depending on whether or not you still smoke, or are about to start again, or are about to start for the first time, possibly makes me cooler than you.. Not if you're gonna try smoking for the first time, but if you're gonna like, become a smoker. Anyway, that's something I thought of, my not smoking that is, on account of it being New Years Eve. Feels pretty good.

Happy New Year!

Rock on! 


P.S. Recently I was commissioned by a company called Google to write a bunch of instrumental music for a subsidiary of their company called YouTube for something called The YouTube Audio Library and now those songs are part of something called The Public Domain and people are making videos of themselves driving to beach in Albania with my muzak in the background!