Immortality 101: Living, Breathing

This week Mother Feather finally released the title track from our new EP. It's called Living, Breathing. You can check out the premiere in The Village Voice here:

This track, like most of our stuff, was mixed, engineered and co produced by the great Steve Wall. The bass I re-tracked here at Proper Pop on account of my amp blowing up at Cove City Sound 2 minutes into our tracking session there. And probably just because I thought I could play it better and because I ultimately didn't think the flat wound sound was working for the song. Because you asked, I ended up playing my 1972 Gibson SB350 through my 1968(?) Ampeg V4. The same one that blew up. The great Jamie Alegre fixed it for me. We also did the keyboards and some miscellaneous guitar overdubs in the B room of The Bunker. Mastering was provided by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. Yum. 


We hope you like it too! 

Rock on...