Journalism 101: Soft News


Recently I had the pleasure of recording something called "Upright Bass" on a few tunes for Erik Laroi's project Soft News, where he reinterprets classic pop hits in a cool sort of indie-bossa-loungey way. The folks at the blog Cover Me voted the latest soft news release "Used Melodies" number 9 on their year end chart for best cover song album! My favorite track from this record is Journey's: Who's Cryin' Now, which you can check out by clicking on the words Who's Cryin' Now from earlier in this grammatically-suspect-run-on sentence. 

If you just love this sort of thing, you'll be happy to know that Erik is hard at work on a follow up, and, since I just recorded them, I am happy to report that I will have a few bass tracks on that record too. Soft News is available from the Mother West label. 

Rock on! 


P.S. Speaking of the news, did you hear the one about the 2 year old that shot his mom in the head on New Years Day? Man, guns sure are cool. They should totally be something that everybody is just carrying around with themselves all of the time.