New Release 101: Say Something New

Very excited to announce that the first single, "Say Something New", from the upcoming Soapbox Army was released today via the good people at Vents Magazine!

Check is out here:

This was a fun song to bring to life. We recorded bass, drums and the lead vocal live at Mission Sound in Brooklyn and brought those basics here to Proper Pop where I played guitars, percussion and keyboards and the guys laid down the background vocals. With a nod to Christopher Fogel's mix of Jagged Little Pill, I mixed through my TL Audio C-1 and Dual Valve EQ's to bring out the warmth and dynamics in a, hopefully, pleasing way. Evren Goknar expertly mastered this song at Capitol Mastering in Los Angeles. 

Frequency Analytics 101.2: Masterized

Always nice to come home to an email like this from your favorite mastering engineer:


Very cool vibey tracks! Mixes are well-balanced and dynamic! Check 'em out and let me know. Also, reach out to ______ at ________  to give him the $______ credit card payment.



Stay tuned for the new Soapbox Army E.P. ....


Astrologicology 101: Brick Moon

Turned in the first mix for the forthcoming Soapbox Army EP yesterday. Feels good to see the horizon on this cool record. This song, Brick Moon, features an intro I played on a Nord Wave that Eliot Krimsky left for a few weeks after Here We Go Magic finished their writing sessions here. This song also features my supercharged Epiphone Dot tuned down to C# and played through my 1957 Magnatone Troubadour. As if ... you ... care!