Circles SINGLE (Producer, Arrange, Bass, Engineer)

Abby Ahmad

Live (Electric Bass)

Alfonso Velez

Live (Electric and Upright Bass)

Andy Fitzpatrick

The Bird Sessions Vol. 1 - 3 LP (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Rockwood Music Hall LP (Engineer, Mix)

The Last Peep Show SINGLE (Upright Bass, Engineer)

If You Find A Home SINGLE (Bass)

Ariel Lask 

Rock Paper SINGLE (Producer, Mix, Arrange, Upright Bass, Rhodes)

Dance In The Darkness SINGLE (Producer, Mix, Arrange, Bass)

The Head, The Heart, The Skin, The Bones EP (Bass, Arrange)

Atlantic Animal

New York SINGLE (Production, Engineer, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth)

Bobby Blue

Alcoholic EP (Producer, Engineer, Mix, Electric Guitar)

Black Candy SINGLE (Engineer)

The Bones Of JR Jones

Dark Was The Yearling LP (Bass)

Forthcoming LP (Engineer)

13 Kinds SINGLE (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Boy Le Prime

Typography  SINGLE (Mix)

Bryan Dunn

Swingers SINGLE (Electric Bass)

Cancion SINGLE (Electric Bass)

Casey Shea

I Don't Wanna Wait SINGLE (Electric Bass) 

In Your Head LP (Writer, Bass)

In Your Head VIDEO PROMO (Mix, Bass, Engineer)

No Son Of Ours VIDEO PROMO (Mix, Bass, Engineer, Writer)

Forthcoming EP (Bass)

Charles Newman

World Circus Film (Engineer, Bass)

The Hadza Film (Engineer, Bass)

Christian Anthony

Naked And Alive (Bass)

The Come On

Gotta Go SINGLE (Engineer)

Daniel Blue (Motopony)

Live (Upright Bass)

Devan Davis

Blood SINGLE (Vocal Production, Engineer)

Diana Lorden

Fighting Gravity LP (Bass)

Diane Gentile

Pretty People SINGLE (Engineer, Production (Vocal), Electric Bass, Percussion)

Motorcycle SINGLE (Bass)

Caught In A Wave LP (Bass)

The Dig

Afternoon With Caroline / Moonlight Baby DOUBLE EP (Production, Engineer)

Simple Love SINGLE (Engineer, Production, Low Vocal)

People Take Pictures SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Nothing In This Town SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Moonlight Baby SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Bleeding Heart SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Tired Of Love SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Astronaut SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

Bloodshot Tokyo LP (Engineer, Production, Vocals)

Fear Of Love SINGLE (Engineer, Production)

4th Of July SINGLE (Engineer, Vocal Production)

You And I EP (Additional Engineering)

Dumpster Hunter feat. Steve Wall, Dave Heilman and Matt Johnson

Live (Electric and Upright Bass)

Emily Gabriele

Red Eyes SINGLE (Production, Engineer, Bass, Drums, Piano, Programming, Guitar, Farfisa, Synth)

Fife And Drom

Live (Electric Bass)

Ha Scritto

Make Up SINGLE (Writer, Producer, All Instruments)

Nightmare SINGLE (Writer, Producer, All Instruments)

Harvest Ministers

Strange Love Letter LP (Bass)

Love Will Call On You EP (Bass)

You Can See Everything From Here LP (Bass)

No Feelings For You SINGLE (Upright Bass)

Back To Harbour LP (Upright Bass)

Hundred Hounds

Forthcoming LP (Engineer/Production)

Ivar Pall Jonnson

Revolution In The Elbow Of Ragnar Agrnarson Furniture Painter ALBUM RELEASE SHOW (Bass/ Producer/ MD)

Jackie Norkin

Faraway Places (Bass, Engineer)

Jeff Litman

Debutante SINGLE (Bass, Engineer)

Nothing SINGLE (Bass)

Go SINGLE (Bass)

Primetime EP (Bass, Engineer)

Crowded Hour EP (Engineer)

Jeff Taylor feat. Thomas Bartlett

Live (Electric and Upright Bass)

Jenna Torres

Live (Bass, Musical Director)

Jessie Kilguss feat. Jason Loughlin and Rob Heath

Live (Electric Bass)

Jon Derosa

Wolf In Preacher's Clothes LP (Upright and ElectricBass, Engineer)

Signs Of Life SINGLE (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Black Halo LP (Electric Bass)

John LT

Suburban Superstar LP (Upright and Electric Bass)

John Kengla

Happy Birthday EP (Bass, Engineer, Production)

You're A Fraud (And We Will Destro You) SINGLE (Production, Engineer, Bass, Piano, Celeste, Percussion, Mix)

Joy The Bug

Many Mighty Massive Malls LP (Writer, Producer, Bass)

Across The Room LP (Writer, Producer, Bass, Percussion)

Julia Haltigan

Live (Electric Bass)

Kate Vargas

For The Wolfish and Wandering LP (Electric and Upright Bass, Engineer)

Karen Costello Taylor

Butterfinger SINGLE (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Hammond, Costellotron, Upright Bass, Additional Drums, Percussion, Engineer, Production, Mix)

Kris Gruen

Montessori Songs EP (Upright Bass)

Coast and Refuge LP (Electric and Upright Bass, Synth Bass, Electric Guitar, Engineer)

Every Night And Every Day (Featuring Peter Moren) SINGLE (Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Synths, Engineer)

How Long Must I Wait SINGLE (Bass)

Tightrope SINGLE (Engineer, Bass)

Kris Gruen and Supla

Outta My Tree SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Engineer, Mix)

Larisa Stowe

Moment By Moment LP (Electric Bass)

The Last Royals

Live (Electric and Upright Bass)

Letter Box

Letter Box EP (Writer, Producer, All Instruments)

Idle Hands SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Engineer, Mix)

YouTube Audio Library (Writer, Producer, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Engineer, Mix)

SOS SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Engineer, Mix)

The Sun Is Up SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Engineer, Mix)

Liz Brennan

Small Apartment SINGLE (Production, Writer, Engineer, Bass, Keys, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Programming, Percussion)

Luke Wesley

Live (Electric Bass)

Mappa Mundi

At Sea EP (Upright Bass)

Mary Mcbride

Live (Bass)

Mason Ingram

Breaks and Beats (Engineer, Production, Mix)

Melissa Bayern / Siren

Fool Me Once EP (Bass, Engineer)

Michael Chandler

Watada LP (Producer, Engineer, Writer, Bass)

Love Ethic LP (Engineer, Bass)

Misty Boyce

Hands Untied SINGLE (Producer, Arrange, Bass, Engineer)

For The Grace Of Odd EP (Producer, Arrange, Bass)

Misty Boyce LP (Bass)

Mother Feather (Metal Blade Records)

Constellation Baby LP (Bass, Writer)

Mother Feather LP (Bass, Writer, Production, Engineer)

Living Breathing EP (Bass, Writer, Production, Engineer)

Mother Feather EP (Bass, Production)

Live / Futures EP (MIx, Bass, Production)

Egyptology PROMO VIDEO (Bass, Mix, Master)

Mother West Label

House Bassist/Various Promos/Singles Etc. (Bass, Engineer)

Moushumi Chitre

Red Like Mine EP  (Producer, Engineer, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Drums)

Nick Africano

Butterfly Bull LP (Bass)

NickCasey Band

Live (Electric Bass)


Forthcoming EP (Electric Bass)


Follow Your Gravity LP (Electric Bass)

Rich Girls

Rich Girls EP (Writer, Producer, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Engineer)

Live A Better Life, Get A Better Job SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Engineer)

Animals SINGLE (Writer, Producer, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Engineer)

I Give Up (Writer, Producer, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Engineer)

The Riddles

The Riddles LP (Writer, Guitar, Vocals, Production)

Rusty Truck feat. Erik Della Penna and Joey Peters

Live (Electric Bass)

Scheme Engine

ADT “Super Fan” Commercial (Composer, All Instruments, Production, Mix)

ADT “Sled” Commercial (Composer, All Instruments, Production, Mix)

Shamon Cassette

Live (Electric Bass)

Shwa Losben

Good Times, Good Times LP (Electric Bass)

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle One (Mix)

Sleepy Man

Your Smile SINGLE (Electric Bass)

Soapbox Army

Maps EP (Production, Engineer, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Programming, Mix) 

Forthcoming EP (Production, Engineer, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Programming, Mix) 

Soft News

Fiction Song EP (Bass, Engineer)

Used Melodies LP (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Fact 200 LP (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Careless Whisper SINGLE (Electric Bass, Engineer)

Prince EP (Upright Bass, Engineer)

Sonic Alchemist (feat: Joey Peters of Grant Lee Buffalo)

DL Music - Commercial Library Music (Writer/Producer/Engineer/Bass/Keys/Guitar)

Laurel Canyon - Commercial Library Music (Writer/Producer/Engineer/Bass/Keys/Guitar)

Liquid Cinema - Commercial Library Music (Writer/Producer/Engineer/Bass/Keys/Guitar)

Megatrax - Commercial Library Music (Writer/Producer/Engineer/Bass/Keys/Guitar)

Killer Trax - Commercial Library Music (Writer/Producer/Engineer/Bass/Keys/Guitar)

Stacey Rocca

Live (Upright Bass)

Steve Dawson

Live (Electric Bass)

Strong Young Pony

Hoof Hearted EP (Engineer, Mix, Production, Synths)

Twin Danger feat: Stuart Matthewman, Vanessa Bley and Michael Leonhart

Live (Upright Bass)

Pointless Satisfaction VIDEO (Upright Bass)

Upstart Crows

Self Titled LP  (Recordist)

Vanessa Bley

Live (Electric Bass)

Vonder and Bloom

Follow You Back Home LP (Electric Bass)

Wes Hutchinson

All The Plans Have Changed LP (Bass)

So Many Yesterdays PROMO (Mix/Engineer/Bass)

Beautiful Life PROMO (Mix)

West One Music Group

Indy Revival ALBUM (Composer, Multi Instrumentalist, Engineer)

The Yells

The Yells EP (Bass, Keys, Production, Engineer, Mix)

Young Oceans

Songs Of Christmas (Bass, Engineer)

Suddenly LP (Bass)

I Must Find You LP (Bass)

Advent EP (Bass)

Live In Brooklyn (Bass)


Someday, Someone SINGLE (Production, Engineer, Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth, Mix)


Revolution In The Elbow Of Ragnar Agrnarson Furniture Painter, Minetta Lane Theatre, NYC (Bass, Bandleader, Conductor, Accompanist, Musical Direction)

12th Night, Democracy Prep, NYC (Electric Bass)

Hairspray, Democracy Prep, NYC (Electric Bass)

Tempest Tossed, Democracy Prep, NYC (Electric Bass)

9 to 5 The Musical, Democracy Prep, NYC (Electric Bass) 



16 And Pregnant

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BRAVO Network

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Destination America

E Network

E News Daily

E Talk

Edge Sports Water Sports

ESPN - NBA/MLB Promos 


Fit TV

Flip Or Flop

Flipping Out

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FOX Sports

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The Dig - 2017 Tired Of Love Tour (Front Of House Engineer, Tour Management, Accounting); 2017 Bloodshot Tokyo US Tour (Front Of House, Tour Management, Accounting); 2016 Fall Tour  w/ She Wants Revenge (Front Of House Engineer, Tour Management, Accounting)

Mother Feather - 2017 Festival Tour (ROTR, Carolina Rebellion); 2016 Vans Warped Tour; Spring 2016 UK Promo Tour (Tour Management)

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention - Radio PSA (Producer/Writer); Event Production (Composer, Speech Writer, Announcer, Sound Design)

Chris Dorland - Art Exhibit Promo (Engineer/VO)

Event 360 - Various Industrials (Producer/Engineer/Writer/VO);  Event Production (Speech Writer, Announcer, Sound Design)

Google - YouTube Audio Library (Producer, Writer)

Jingle Punks - Various (Writer, Producer)

The Livestrong Foundation - TV Spot (Producer/VO)

Trisha Seawell - Independent Artist (Career Consulting)

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - Various Industrials (Producer/Engineer/Writer/VO);  Event Production (Speech Writer, Announcer, Sound Design)