Toft ATB 16 (8 Bus // 6 Aux // 32 Inputs at Mix)



Pro Tools 12

Antelope Audio Orion 32 (32x32 I/O)

Mac Pro 

TEAC 80-8 (1/2" 8 Track Reel to Reel)

Logic Pro X

Panasonic SlimLine Casette 




Octava MC-012 (Matched Pair/Russian)

Lawson fet47

Audio Technica AT4033 (Pair)

AKG SolidTube (with Mullard ECC83  Valve)

AKG P420



AKG D12E (1950's)

AKG D112

Electro Voice RE-20

Electro Voice 623 

Electro Voice 654 

Electro Voice 664

Sennheiser 421 (1968) 

Sennheiser MD441U 

Sennheiser / Harting  MD403  

Octava MD-57 (1972/Soviet)

Shure Beta SM58 (x2)

Shure PE66L (Late 1970's Rebranded Unidyne III SM57)

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure Unidyne III 545SH (1964)

Shure Unidyne I 565SD (x2)

Shure Unidyne III SM57 (1978)



GAP R2 MkII Ribbon

Shure 315 Gradient Ribbon (1964)


Pre Amps and Direct Injection

Trident Series 80B (2  racked channels from 1981 console)

Toft ATB 16 (16 Channels)

Universal Audio 61o  (Mono Tube Mic Pre/DI/EQ)

TL Audio Tube Mic Pres/DI (6 Channels with NOS Telefunken ECC83 valves)

Tascam M35 (8 Channels Circa 1983 Vintage Pres)

Apogee (4 Channels)

Tech21 Bass SansAmp DI

Tech21 PSA-1 SansAmp DI

Whirlwind DI

PRO CO DI / Isolation Transformer

Radial ProRMP Re-Amp DI



Universal Audio 1176

TL Audio C-1 Tube Compressor (4 Channels with NOS Telefunken ECC83 valves)

Urie 7110

DBX 163XOver Easy Compressor/Limiter (x2)

DBX 1074  Quad Gate

Drawmer DS201 Stereo Gate


Outboard EQ, Effects and Pedals

Eventide H3000 D/SE Ultra Harmonizer

Yamaha REV-7

Roland SDE3000 Delay

TEAC 80-8 Tape Delay

Klark Teknik EQP-KT

TL Audio 4 band Tube Equaliser (Stereo or 8 Band Mono)

Urie 565 "Little Dipper" Filter Set 

EXR II Psychoacoustic Projector/Exciter

Pioneer SR-202w Reverb

Philly Fuzz Heretic.13GEo7.1209


EHX Vintage Large Chassis Memory Man

EHX Memory Boy


EHX Memory Man 550 Tap Tempo

EHX Pitch Fork

EHX Big Muff Pi

EHX Bass Big Muf Pi

EHX 2550 Loop / Sampler / Reverse / Octave

EHX Large Chassis Bass Micro Synth

EHX Large Chassis Frequency Analyzer

EHX Octave Multiplexer

Boss CE-1 Chorus / Vibrato (1970s Vintage)

Boss GEB-7  EQ

Boss CS-1 Chorus

Boss TR-2 Tremelo

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Boss RV-5 Reverb

Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive

Tech21 SansAmp (Vintage 1989) 

Tech 21 Bass SansAmp

Tech21 PSA-1 SansAmp

DOD Vintage Large Chassis Flanger

MXR Phase 90 (1980s Vintage)

MXR Micro Flanger

Phase 90 Clone

Ibanez Tube Screamer

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Guyatone SV2 Auto Volume

Korg DRV-200

Slate Mix / Master / FX Bundle

Sound Toys Plug Ins

Lexicon Plug Ins

Relab lx480 Plug Ins

Waves Plug ins

Antares Auto Tune 8 Native

Izotope Ozone Plug Ins



1976 Fender Precision

1972 Gibson SB350

1982 Guild SB-202

2002 Richie's Guitar Jazz Bass

1967 German Upright 



1976 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic

1967 Gretsch Acoustic 

1990 Alvarez Acoustic

2001 Epiphone Dot (Modified for awesomeness)

1993 Peavey Predator (Strat Copy / Nashville Tuning)


Keyboards and Synths

1971 Helpinstill Roadmaster Piano

1969 Hammond T-212 Organ

1982 Korg Mono/Poly

2002 Korg MicroKORG / Vocoder

1967 Wurlitzer MLM

1984 Casio Casiotone MT-35

1985 Casio SK-1

1985 Casio CZ1000

1986 Yamaha DX100

Custom Synth Signal Generator / Oscillator

Roland Cloud Synths (Jupiter-8, Juno-106, JX-3p, TR-808, TR-909)

Various Soft Synths via Pro Tools, Logic Etc.



196os era Zickos Acrylic kit (22" kick, 14" snare, 12" rack, 14" rack, 18" floor)

1953 Gretsch 10 x 14 Field Snare

Big Fat Snare Drum (Assorted Heads)

Percussion (Assorted Tambourines / Shakers / Sticks/ Brushes / Mallets)


Drum Machines / Modules

1986 Yamaha RX5

1985 Roland TR-707

1969 Hammond T-212 Organ Drum Machine

1976 Electro Harmonix Rhythm 12

1996 Alesis DM5


Bass Amps

1968 Ampeg B15 Fliptop

1969 Ampeg V4

2013 Acoustic B800H

2010 Acoustic 260


Guitar Amps

1958 Magnatone Troubadour

1974 Fender Champ

1983 Peavey Musician

1968 Ampeg V4

1965 Ampeg Rocket

1991 Commemorative 1965 Reissue Fender Twin (197 of 300)



Speaker Cabinets

Ampeg HLF 4x10 Bass Cab

Ampeg 1x15 Bass Cab

Acoustic 1x10 Bass Cab

Ampeg 4x12 Guitar Cab



Yamaha HS80m

Bryston 3B

1981 Yamaha NS-10T

Panarama DTV VAMP-24 Monitor Panel/Meters with Phase Scope

Five Discreet Headphone Mixes

Sony MDR-V6 Headphones (4)

Vic Virth Isolating Headphones (3)