Sometimes the perfect record involves leaving the perfect city. As of 2019, Matt is pleased to offer The Outlier Inn as part of the options menu when considering your production process. Located less than 90 miles from NYC, The Outlier Inn offers retreat recording in an environment that is at once inspired, relaxed, and focussed solely on the making of great music.

There are two studios available for rent on a short or long-term basis.  Studio A features a Wes Lachot designed control room equipped with a Neve VR72 console and ATC 110 main monitors, a naturally lit 750 square foot live room, and 4 isolation booths.  Studio B features a 24 channel Sound Workshop 1280b console, a wide array of vintage analog synthesizers and a large isolation booth.  Studios A and B are interconnected via tie lines and a LAN network, and share a backline and mic locker depending on availability.

A 30-foot geodesic dome is wired up as our chamber and is also available as a live recording space.

Feel free to send a note HERE to talk about your project.